Author of "Love on Blue Waves" 2019

Author of "Love on Blue Waves" 2019

Author of "Love on Blue Waves" 2019Author of "Love on Blue Waves" 2019Author of "Love on Blue Waves" 2019

Love on Blue Waves


From the Author

  About the Book

“Love On Blue Waves” is a different kind of love story. Jim and Jane are in love with each other before they even meet. Both live in Buckeye, an area within the city of Cleveland. They do not in reality know they exist. And within they have some doubts that love will come to them. Still, also within, they know they do love each other. They are patient.

Tones of the color blue are spoken within each chapter as their story unravels. Chapter titles such as “Know How The Universe Started,” “Galaxies Are Moving Away From Each Other,” and “Time Can Be Measured More Accurately Than Inches” let us understand that the love is like the ultimate science to all of us. A CNN story of a hijacked truck runs through the story. It points out the stupidity of our current news reporting when compared to the lives of the people who watch them. How there are many events in life more important than news shows.

Of course, the two meet, because love is already part of their lives. Jim and Jane marry and have a child.

Death comes and their love continues. In an infinite way, as is its intent.

Review from the Publisher

"Poet and author Daniel Gallik’s Love on Blue Waves is a  poetic, entrancing journey that takes you through one couple’s love  story as it becomes sublimated to God and the universe. Jim and Jane  grow up separately in Cleveland, Ohio, each patiently waiting for the  life-changing love that they are sure God has in store for them. For  decades, each awaits the other, sometimes confident and sometimes only  hopeful that, as soulmates, they will one day meet. When Jim and Jane  finally come together, the result is transformative.

With  chapter titles and themes that blend the scientific with the spiritual,  the sweeping, yet intimate, narrative doubles as a philosophical  meditation on faith, purpose, and surrender. It is an esoteric  exploration of transition and permanence; of life, death, and the  meaning that can be found at every step. Love on Blue Waves is a love story like no other."


"I am very pleased with the book review written by LLP Burks 

from Halo Publishing. I hope that her words will inspire you

to investigate this story of Jim and Jane.  

It is a spiritual story that describes the true meaning of life, love and death."

About Daniel Gallik

 The author has had poetry and flash fiction published by Hawaii Review, Parabola (A Magazine of Myth And Tradition), Nimrod, Limestone (University of Kentucky), The Hiram Poetry Review, Aura (University of Alabama), and Whiskey Island (Cleveland State University). He has placed writings in hundreds of online journals. His first novel, 

A Story of Dumb Fate is available at The author has over 20 novels ready for publication.

Connect with the Author

Daniel Gallik, Author

8253 Summit Drive 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio  44023